Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Livin' like a parasite

When I left last time, I was just about to tell everyone about my first few days in Guyana. If you happen to have memorized every last excruciating detail of the timetable from my last post, you'd know that my first couple of days in Guyana were spent in orientation. Orientation in Georgetown was basically training for training. We stayed at a hotel in northern Georgetown and they kept us there for a couple days. They kept us busy during the day with a few seminars such as:

-Introductions from all the Peace Corps staff we hadn't met yet
-What to expect from our host families
-What the rules were for during training
-How to manufacture the radium rods for the MEGA-DEATH-RAY-MACHINE without alerting the local authorities

Overall orientation was cool because it let us settle in to the country a little bit in a hotel and with each other instead of just throwing us right into a host family and weird food. The last day of orientation was a Saturday, and we met our host families then. Our group was split into a couple villages near Georgetown (think suburbs) and we were given instructions where to meet on Monday for the first day of training.

The family I'm staying with is pretty cool. They're Afro-guyanese, which of course means that they're all required to have afros by constitutional mandate 14B under penalty of death. It also means that they're Guyanese of African descent. That's not exactly a given here, because there are plenty of Guyanese that are Indian (from India), Portuguese, Chinese, and Amerindian as well. This place is an interesting melting pot.

My family has two daughters aged 5 and 6, and they like to keep my busy. They 'helped' me unpack and I spent the rest of the night just hanging out at their house. Sunday was the same way; Peace Corps wanted us to spend the first weekend here just getting to know our host families. The father works as a server/bartender at a hotel in Georgetown and the mother teaches part-time. The girls both go to school during the day while I go to training. I have my own room and closet, and they hooked me up with a fly mosquito net so I don't get malaria. Oh yeah.

I'll be with this host family for most of the rest of training, so it's cool that we get along. I'm working through my third week of training at the moment and for my next update I'll tell ya all about that and why it's definetely probably better than slavery/torture.

But for now I gotta get home. So long.


Anonymous Corey said...

Wes, you stud man. This is your bro and dude I am loving to keep up with what you are doing. Now the key is that I write back to tell you that I am keeping up with everything. :) I have been keeping aaron and nick in check lately with halo winning one every once and a while man just so they don't get to cocky. I am trying to get better so that when we all get togethor next time we can stomp them man, cause lets be honest I think before you had a bit of a sub par partner. Anyways bro I'll be praying for you; especially that you stay away from malaria. Keep it real wes... I'll talk to you soon.

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Hey, Wes - I think you are officially "up and running" so I'll pass your address on to others. We sure like being able to share a little in what you're doing. Love you! Take care of yourself.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Auntie Lynda said...

Hey Wessey pooh, Glad to know you didn't fall off the edge of the earth or anything, traveling way over there. We're busy here being grandparents and all. Brent tells us he's getting married in July so it'll just be your old auntie and uncle and the dogs then. Love to know you're having an adventure. ( And I'm here with my nice swamp cooler. LOL)

2:52 PM  
Blogger George said...

Hi Wes,

Your mom said I had to keep up with you and write you back or she will find a way to shrink your mosquito net. Anyway I want you to stay safe so I am writing you. It is good to hear all that you are doing. Thanks for keeping us updated.


4:52 PM  
Anonymous Jeni said...

Hey Wes, it's your favorite (and very likely only) cousin Jeni here. I need to say that it his highly unfortunate that you aren't witty b/c this makes for some pretty dry reading. :) (I absolutely detest smilies in letters and have no clue why I felt the need to add one there, if you couldn't figure out that I was kidding then you are a stupid, and since you are related to me, we know that is not likely). Anyway, the added benefit of reading your blog is that I find out what is going on with other family members as well. Like, it is good to know that Corey is brushing up on his Halo skills. I was always embarassed by his crummy Halo-ing abilities. And that your mom has resorted to blackmail and threats to get people to correspond with you. Yikes! So, yeah, glad you made it and thanks for doing your part to make me "cool" by having a blog in my bookmarks.

3:51 AM  

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