Saturday, June 18, 2005

Training and ants

Alright now I know what everyone's wondering: when you spill some sugar or something on the counter, how do all the ants know it's there? This happened to me yesterday and those dudes were there in seconds man. The explanation is that ants have an innate ability which some in the scientific community like to call "psychic voodoo mystic jedi mind trick power" which makes them magic. And that's how they do it. Just keeping everyone informed here.

Now some people might also be wondering what the hey I've been doing since I left Colorado on May 30th. The short answer is that I've been in training classes most of the time. I just finished my second week of training and I have 6 more, so I'll be busy with that for awhile longer. There've been a couple other things going down though, so here's a quick timetable of what I've been and will be up to:

May 30th - June 2nd: Staging in Miami
June 2nd - June 4th: Orientation in Georgetown, Guyana
June 4th - July 29th: Slave Labor Camp (Officially known as "Happy Training Time of Sunshine")
July 29th: Swearing in
July 30th - 2 Years Later: Do Stuff

So yeah I've already finished my staging and orientation, and both were pretty cool. And even though I refer to training as Slave Labor Camp I think everybody should know that I'm just joking and that training is at least 4% better than slavery.

Staging was basically a bunch of meeting all the Peace Corps volunteers that were going to Guyana (and there was also a group of people going to Paraguay that were there with us) and hanging out and a few sessions on what to expect in country, how not to get robbed within the first 24 hours, how not to die from flesh eating bacteria before we see the doctor, etc. We did some skits and stuff and overall it was a good time.

There were 20 people in this Guyana team and most all of them seem like pretty nice people. Reading that now, it kinda sounds like something that the unibomber's neighbors would have said about him, but oh well I stand by it. Miami is a good place for money spending enthusiasts and there's lots of uh, stuff and things there. Some of us grabbed a taxi and checked out South Beach which was sure uh . . . something and then we left the country.

Our plane stopped in Barbados for a few minutes to let some people on and others off. I hear that a ticket from Guyana to Barbados is just a hundred bucks or so if I can find a deal, so I definetely think I'll try to get over there sometime in the next couple years. When we got to Guyana, we landed at the airport which is basically a runway that's nearby a warehouse/"terminal" that allows everyone to check through customs indoors. High tech. There were a few people on the Peace Corps staff waiting to meet us there. We got down off the jet onto the tarmac and walked toward the "terminal" where we checked though security, got our stuff and loaded onto a couple of minibuses that they had waiting for us. They hauled us to Georgetown and we checked into an undetermined number of stars hotel where they had dinner waiting for us. Sweet. Since it was around 10 at this time though, we basically just ate, heard a few introductions, and crashed for the night.

So now you all know how I got to this country. It's pretty fly so far, but I'm going to have to get the rest of this out later so that I don't go broke here at the internet cafe. Oh and also for those of you guys asking about pictures, they're coming. I might not be able to do pictures on this weblog until training is over just because I don't really have a computer that I can unload my pictures onto so I can resize them and stuff. I'll see what I can do, but for now you'll all just have to use your imaginations.

Thanks for being interested everyone.


Anonymous Dad said...

Hey Wes. Dad here. Enjoyed the update - especially all the detailed parts, where you did and saw "stuff". I'll send you a personal E-mail. Take care!

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so wesstun
sounds like everything is going good and stuff. anyway i've decided to make a t-shirt with your face on it. well just thoght i'd stop by and tell you that so that you can sleep at night.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Joel said...

Wes, bro!!!!!
Good to hear that you've arrived safely in G-town. Just thought i'd stop by real quick and check up on ya. Guess ya haven't been up to a lot other than training. 2 more weeks left of school and then I'm done (for this year at least ;)). Alrighty.
I'll stop by again during the next couple of days.
Have fun and git 'er done ;)!!!
God bless

1:48 PM  

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