Sunday, August 28, 2005

A month of . . . uh . . . chillin'?

Ok, so it's been a bit since I updated last. That's not because I've been busy. Oh no. The trouble for the most part has been my internetlessness. That honestly should change once school gets going, because in a couple weeks I'll be moving again to my final location, Abram Zuil. Mooching should be a little more convenient there because it's near a school with an computer lab.

What I'm really looking forward to though is simply having my own space. Even though my host families have been cool enough, I have to say that living out of a suitcase for 3 months now has lost it's romantic appeal. So yeah I'm stoked to move, and actually move IN this time. That moving action should happen in two more weeks. First though, I'm actually going to have to do some real work (Hey, I thought this was the Peace Corps), because school starts tomorrow. I've been asked to be there by 8:00, and uh . . . that's all. Oh baby.

I kinda get the impression that the kids all just run amok the first week or so, because when I asked if I should prepare a lesson plan or something (for whatever science or math class it is that I'm teaching) they just told me not to worry, 'the students don't pay attention very well until they get schedules', and that doesn't happen until the second week of school. Yippie. I guess I'll be uh . . . observing the uh . . . education process this week to get myself familiarized and then I'll be given classes starting sometime later.

Aside from doing nothing to prepare for school and not moving yet, what have I been doing you ask? Well, I really do read and sit in a hammock a lot. Sometimes though, when the mosquitos are bad, I sit under my mosquito net and read there instead. Yeah, life is hard alright. It really is good to be starting school tomorrow, because I'm not sure what I'd be doing if it didn't.

Here's a capsule list of my precious few accomplishments since becoming a volunteer:

1. I bought a bike.This was actually a big one for me because even when I move, I'll still be a few miles from my school so a bike is kinda critical. I wanted to find one that would actually maybe last two years though, so I had to make an effort to avoid the standard bikes for sale all along the coast, which from their weight and feel seem to be made of some sort of pig iron/lead composite alloy. Cutting edge. Literally, ha ha. I didn't like those pants anyways. So after quite a bit of shopping I found one dude that was selling a couple bikes with aluminum frames. I asked him if he knew what kind of aluminum it was made of. Turns out it's the 'metal' kind. That's a relief. I ended up getting one of them.

I've only had my bike for a week though, so I still need to explore most of the dirt roads in the area. I'd like to find a road that goes into the jungle because getting attacked by a leopard sounds like fun. I'll keep you guys posted on this one.

2. I've chilled with my host family.I've been doing a lot more with my current host family than I did with the last one. My first homestay family wasn't even around very much, because the father worked evenings and the mom had classes most weeknights. This one has a lot more time to hang out though, so we've been doing that. I've been following them around when they go out, and they've introduced me to a bunch of people around the coast. They like to play Scrabble too, so I'll be coming back to chill with them sometime when I move out.

3. Ha ha. You think I've been busy enough to do three things? Consider this: I've been reading so much, that when another volunteer friend finished a Star Trek novel that he was working on, I snatched it up immediately. Yes, I've now read a Star Trek novel, and I've only been doing this for a month. It doesn't get much worse than that, no sir. Here's to school starting tomorrow. (cheers)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No no no... I don't even come close to being as funny as ANY of our relatives, so I will just make my comment simple... haha!
Good luck startin' school. You keep those kids under control! Haha. Anyways, I am praying for you, and look forward to your next update.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Wes -
Sure is good to hear from you and catch up a little. Of all of the things a mom can worry about.. getting eaten by a leopard off the back of a somewhat 'metal' bike.. was not even on the list. I'll be sure to add it!!
Sometime, in one of your entries, describe the area around you - is it lush, what are the houses made of, how big is the school, do you see unusual animals... It will be fun when you can send us some pics of the everything.
The sisters were in their usual form on our getaway...we laughed, ate, spent $ shopping and had a great time relaxing in Branson. It was hot and muggy - but air conditioned everywhere so not bad. We saw 3 different shows, visited Laura Ingalls Wilder's final home in Mansfield, and went to the Precious Moments gallery and cathedral. We also ate at Lamberts - "the house of the throwed rolls". When you want a roll, you just holler out and they throw you one!! Jan missed a couple and I got smacked in the back of the head while he was trying to get one to her...quite an experience!!
When you have a mailing address, would you let us know. Also, is there anything you need that you can't get there? (Perhaps #2 in the Star Trek series??)
Love you, Wes. We miss your face around here. Our loss is some school kids in Guyana's gain... and we admire you. We'll be praying as always.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Hey Wes - Your mom chewed me out since I haven't commented on your entries - I have actually been reading them - she makes sure of that, but figured she could do the commenting stuff. Turns out I was wrong. So, here goes....
I was supposed to be attending a concert by an all-girl band that some of the youth groups brought in, called "Sonflowerz", but decided to stay home and read your blogg instead - didn't really sound like 'bluegrass'. I have no doubt that I enjoyed the blogg more! (although I have to admit, I still really don't know what a blogg is, technologically challenged as I am).
Saw Ryan at the high lake trip and then again at Kelsi's wedding (he was the photographer), and he told me to be sure and tell you 'hi'. He and Sarah are preparing to move to a different jungle - Los Angeles - maybe he should start a blogg and inform us on the hazards there.
The wedding was great - outdoors, at some friend's ranch, and Laine played guitar at the reception - you would have been impressed - he did several Trace Bundy pieces, and did them very well. Haven't heard from Kelsi since, but she probably has other things on her mind, rather than visiting with a uncle who doesn't even recognize her...
Pray for Les - he has started radiation treatment - elected to do the focused radiation instead of the whole brain variety - it was a touch decision, but they made it, and are moving on. I saw him after the first week (of five) of treatment, and he was doing well. After he finishes the radiation, he has two more sessions of a different type of chemo. So far things seem to be going very well though.
I look forward to hearing about school, more about mosquitoes, and especially about leopards (or any other wildlife). Take care!

9:55 PM  
Anonymous George said...

Hi Wes,
It sure is great to hear how things are going for you. Your comments about life in... (Where are you?... your mom told me you were sent to Buena Vista by the Peace Corp. Oh well... You know your mom. She never keeps up on what her boys are doing)are awesome. Every time I read about your exploits I get a bad case of the covets... Have a great start to the school year and we will keep praying for you.


Oh yeah... you would be proud of your youngest brother. He has made a freshman by the name of Tyler feel very welcome in the youth group.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Corey said...


Hey bro! Just wanted to write you a little note to say that I was thinking of ya and praying for ya! I'm super excited that you are starting school man and I hope that takes away from a bit of the loneliness. I am sure that a week of kids with no classes will definately keep you pretty busy.

Speaking of classes bro I think I am definately getting pretty sick of school. Two weeks into the year and I am already ready to be outta here. Anyways, it will be a sweet ride along the way I am sure. I have decided to take a page out of your book and be ridiculously smart and never go to class and still crush my tests... I only wish man!

I saw Kevin Conwell at my church last week and he told me to tell you hi. He said you were a riot at college!

Anyways wes, not much else going on around here. I did some climbing last week and ran around the top of the mountain naked as a jay bird with some of my good buddies... wish you could of been there... not that I would have loved to see you naked or anything like that, but running around a mountain with nothing but the breeze blowing across "regions" that have never felt blowing air is quite invigurating... I am sure you know what I am talking about! :)

I'm looking forward to your next post man.


7:56 PM  
Anonymous Aaron said...

Wes, (what an intro)

How the heck are ya man. I am just chillin here and you wouldn't believe it but I thought to myself, "Hey that Westun is a fun chap perhaps I'll drop him a line." I even said it in that wicked sweet British accent that only few people can truly understand. Yeah so here I am.

So I have officially started school. I think. People keep telling me that when the bell rings we rotate and do other very important stuff, but so far I haven't figured out what important stuff we do. I have the toughest schedule in my high school career. It is pure taxing and unadulterated evil. However, I haven't even had a notion that my teachers would be making us work in these coming semesters. I have had no homework and they made me read a book that I liked. In my opinion school hasn't started yet.

No seriously though it is going pretty good man I will graduate with twelve college credit hours, all of which are in English or Social Sciences. Seeing as how I am looking at becoming a youth pastor with a counseling major I have decided that this isn't that terrible of a thing. I am looking at going to a college and graduating with some counseling degree and then going to Bible college and studying for a while to become a youth pastor. It oughta be a fun time but we'll see what really happens. God may not want me to be a youth pastor. He may say "hey you, you would inflict more problems then you would solve." Try to picture that in an omnipotent (I think that means loud) voice. If you can picture that then you can see the amount of pressure and extreme stress that I am trying to deal with at this stage in my tragically young life.

Anyways a little more about me and some exciting things in my life. Soccer has started, and I have no idea why I chose to put that in my exciting paragraph. The very though makes this paragraph utterly pointless.

Allow me to start again. This is exciting. The news that I am going to tell you is so awesome that I have to build up the suspense for just a while longer................... ha you thought I would tell you right here didn't you.......... I am going on a paid for cruise. Yeah Nick's mom said they were going on a cruise and she would pay for me to go. Sweet

Anyways how are things in you radical life. I miss chillin with you man and I wish that I could be there with you. It sounds awesome and sweet (both at the same time) Well dude glad I could talk for a bit but keep keepin me informed. I am lovin it. Adios. Or in Guyanese Catch you later mon.


12:33 AM  
Anonymous cousin joshie said...

Whoa boomshakalaka!

Thats right my friend guess who now has the internet? For at least 50 days (or 1175 hours which ever comes first) I will be surfing the web at scortching speeds of 26.6 thanks to AOL and target(why buy internet?). I'm not cheap mind you but frugal. And so what better things could I do with this new computer wizard like speed and capability? Who cares! I chose to check your blog instead! And I must say you are a master blogger. Not being one to normally blog I must admit blogging with you has been a real enjoyable experiance. And after my many thoughts of joing the peace corps in Guyana (ok so I had next to no thoughts about it, but I did consider looking for it on a globe)I must say that your blog has met my every need. Need #1 To know what your doing. Need #2 To know how your doing. Need #3 To practice spelling and grammer!
Wow its great to to you.
On a more serious note, it is great to hear about and from you. I pray for you often and hope that those Guyanaians are treating you well (cause if there not I'll....write scathing things about them on this here blog.) You truely are an inspiration to me. God bless

PS sorry about the misspellings and grammer errors: fingers shaking from excitement of it all, you know how it is.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Judy (the mom) said...

News about Wes from his mom -

Wanted to let all of you who keep up with this site know that we talked to Wes today (Sun.-Sept. 18) by phone. He hasn't gotten into his new place so is STILL "internetless".... He was a little frustrated because he has been living out of a suitcase a week and a half longer than he was originally told. Hopefully, that will change soon - when it does, he will be close to another school that has a computer he can access. I'll let him share all the details about his life when he gets on again, but I did want to let you know that he started teaching (4 science classes, 2 math); he's been sick for a week or so - they are treating him for an amoeba...and he's doing much better; and he's still not in his new place. Thanks for keeping up with him - hopefully we'll all hear again soon. It's great fun to get on this site and read not only about Wes, but all about his friends and family. For Wes -

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Joel said...

How are ya doin' man?
Just wanted to drop ya short note. Life back home is great. I started my final year of HS about 4 weeks ago and now I already have a two week (fall) break again ... :) ... and before that break even kicks off, i'm going on a senior trip to Prague (for a week) tomorrow with my entire grade and teachers ;) ... boy howdy... it'll be fun ;) (except for all the stupid guys that feel a constant and urgent need to get plastered ;( - excluding me!!!) the past few weeks have been real busy though, so that i'm kinda ready for that trip and the break afterwards (i'll spent most of the time studying for upcoming exams and tests anyways ;))... hope all is well with you and you're doin' better again ... i'll keep praying for ya bro! have fun teaching! ;)
hope to hear from ya again soon.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Cassie Baldauf said...

Hey Wes!
Well your family told me about your website here, so I figured I should come check it out. It's pretty sweet! It sounds like you're having quite an adventure down there, and for the most part, loving it as well. Great to hear!

I'm at UCCS in CO Springs now--a big kolledge stoodent. :P I'm really loving it, too. Right now my major is English with a possibility of going into the education field. We'll see. The dorm life is great and I've met a ton of cool people. :)

Well I loved reading your comments on here--you are an excellent writer! And a pretty humorous one, too. So take care down there and I look forward to reading your next "blogg." (I, like most people on here, am still not quite sure what that is. haha)

Au revoir!
~Cassie :)

7:50 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Wes,

Its scorching in Texas- the hurricane didn't bring any rain or clouds so its been bright and 100+ every day. Then again, you might know what that's like. Hope you're having fun- hope you find the internet some time so you can order the next Star Trek book off of Amazon (do they ship there?) ^_^ Have a good week.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Wes-
I finally got on your blogg to read about what's happening in your life! Thanks, it's fun to read. We're praying for you! Kathy Janzen

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Luna de tu corazon said...

Wesstun, My life serously has no meaning with out your blog. Why has it been sooo long since your last update? How's teaching? From your lack of blogging I am going to assume that you are pretty stinkin' busy. Hopefully at least too busy for Star Trek novels. So, PJ and Kevin both flew up here to Seattle this weekend, which was great, because I really haven't met any friends yet. Do you hang out with anybody exceptionally cool down there? Found any good places to hike? Alot of beautiful babies, baby? Talk to you later, I keep praying. Keep it real, baby.


12:10 AM  
Blogger Merril said...

Hey - I'm a PCV in Kazakhstan who seems to be luckier than you in the readily available internet department. I happened upon your blog and wanted to let you know that I thought it was great. Definitely provided me with a good 15 minutes of laughs...and as a fellow volunteer you should understand that filling 15 minutes with anything at times is a feat. Also wanted to comment because with all of your family and friend comments I almost felt like a blog spy so just wanted to expose myself and wish you luck at site!

Take care,

11:33 AM  

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