Sunday, December 04, 2005

Getting wet

Well, I've been trying again to keep in touch with everyone. I went to the internet cafe 4 times this week trying to get connected. The first two times it was down for no reason, but the last two times it was closed because of flooding. That's more like it. Hopefully they'll get it back to uh . . . normal soon. Right now I'm at another cafe that I rode a few extra miles to.

Why was the internet cafe flooded in the first place? Well, the rainy season kinda started and we've been getting some heavy rain lately. We've also been getting some light rain and some of the medium kind. Aside from the internet cafe being closed and my clothes not getting dry though, it's actually been kinda fun. Just a couple days ago I realized that it was the first of December and that it shouldn't typically be 88 degrees outside in the shade. I've never ever felt cold in this country but I've felt the most not hot ever since the rain started early last week. The temperature dropped to an icy 71 degrees and all my students started wearing sweaters. Brrr. Yeah whatever you wimps.

Speaking of my students, they finished up their finals last week. We still have one more week of school coming up though, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but hey I'm flexible. It really seems to be a week for the teachers to get all their paperwork done but the students are still coming. Maybe we can play some games like 'who can pick up the most pieces of trash' or 'who can erase the most chalkboards with their face?' I'm looking forward to it.

What I'm really looking forward to is coming home for Christmas. Not that I can't wait to get out of Guyana. It's just that I'm stoked to see everyone back home. And good news, I did buy a laptop and I'm going to pick it up when I come home so that I can get stuck in the rain on my trip back and waste a few hundred bucks -I mean so that I can keep in touch more. Yeah that's it.

I gotta get going. I'll catch you guys during Christmas vacation (if you live in Colorado and know me and dont avoid me). Hoo ha.