Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Internetted in Guyana


I have the internet now. In my house. On my computer. No longer will I be out of touch with people (except for when I'm lazy). No longer will I be disconnected (except for last night, when the internet was out for the entire country). No longer will I get tired of reading and playing guitar only to turn on tv and see that the only things on are Full House reruns and that one program where some guy reads the local obituary for an hour or so. I am finally master of my own time-wasting destiny, and it's pretty cool.

This also means that I will start posting pictures on my blog starting next update. For real this time. In the meanwhiles, you guys can email me or get online to chat and I might even actually respond!

Aside from trying to use my new powers for good and not evil what have I been doing? Well, since I got back from Colorado life in Guyana hasn't changed too much. It's still the rainy season down here and it's still raining quite a bit. Last Monday my school's courtyard was flooded out and school was cancelled for the day (take that snow days!). Some places in the country have had some pretty bad flooding, but I'm still dry in Essequibo. Overall it's good to be back. I guess. (Enthusiasm is key)

One big thing that's about to change down here is that we have a whole new group of volunteers dropping in at the beginning of February. This is exciting for us current volunteers because it means we get new friends.

In fact, I have a feeling that some of these new volunteers have been dropping by this site. Traffic has gone up lately and I'm getting hits from all over the US. I don't know how they found me, because if you search for "Peace Corps Guyana" I turn up at around the 120th link. But if you guys did somehow find me and have questions about being a volunteer in Guyana, get on an instant messenger and ask me.

And if you're a friend that I haven't seen in 6 months, (or even if I have seen you) get on instant messenger and say hi. Heh heh. Do it.